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Are you an interior designer?

 Yes & no.  I do design work on homes, but not in the sense of a traditional interior designer.  My area of expertise is consulting on the selections for remodeling or building a home.  It’s all of the design that’s done on an empty house, not furnishing and decorating.


What exactly do you mean by “Selections”?

Selections are all of the design elements necessary to remodel or build a new home….. cabinets, hardware, counters, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, flooring, paint colors, etc.  There are a lot of parts & pieces in a home project that need to be coordinated in order to achieve a cohesive finished product.  That's where I come in!

How much of my budget should I allocate to design services?

 This varies depending on the level of guidance you prefer.  My platinum package provides you will with full-service design assistance from concept development all the way through to the completion of construction.  This can be estimated at 8-10% of your budget (example: if your total remodel budget is 50K, allow 4-5K for design assistance).  If you require only basic guidance, my initial consultation fee starts at $450 and increases depending on your needs. I look forward to working with you!  Contact me so we can put together a proposal based on your specific needs. 

Can you refer me to an interior designer to furnish and decorate my home? 

I sure can.  Give me a call or send me an email and I’ll figure out who could best meet your needs.

Do you stage homes? 

Nope, but I can give you a referral for that, too!

Do you have suggestions for contractors in the Athens, GA area? 

You bet I do!  Let’s schedule a phone meeting to discuss what you’re looking for and I’ll get you in contact with the right person. 


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