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Do I remodel my house or spend six months in Greece?

Depending on the scope of work, It would not be unusual for a renovation project to cost the same amount as a really nice long vacation overseas. Undoubtably, the biggest question on everyone's mind, of those interested in a reno project, is "how much will it cost?". While these seems like a fairly simple question to get an answer to, it's actually not.

When I talk to potential clients, they're usually really frustrated by the wide range of quotes they're receiving from contractors. When talking with contractors, they're usually really frustrated by the homeowners being all over the map with what they're asking for. So how does one close the gap? That answer is simple..... clarify the scope of work so you can effectively communicate this to contractors. This will take work on your end.

These are the three steps that will help you get there:

  1. List all the areas of your house that you'd like to work on and why.(Example: The living room doesn't function well for your family, the bathroom is out of date and has leaky pipes, the kitchen is heinous and there is nowhere to store your panini press, you need more space to entertain, etc.)

  2. List the prioritized areas along with what you want to accomplish through the remodel ( Example: a large living space for the family to hang out in, a clean bathroom that functions well, a big kitchen with professional appliances for your husband who loves to cook, you want photos of your new gorgeous home to go viral, etc.).

  3. After doing some soul searching and getting specific, is there anything you can eliminate the budget doesn't allow for you to do everything now, which projects can be postponed? OR, are you ready to go ALL IN?

Once you have a very concise list of what you're wanting a price on, you're ready to call a few contractors to come look at your house and give you a bid. Make sure to ask each of them to price the same thing so you will have an apples to apples comparison.

Now.... will you be spending that hard earned money on turning your house into your dream home? Or your dream vacation to Greece?!


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